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Understand individuals needs based on their cultural background

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The Cultural Care Kit: a useful resource for all health and aged care services

Elder Rights Advocacy (ERA) has produced an information resource for service providers designed to identify the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

The information contained will assist care givers to better understand individual’s needs based on their cultural background.

Areas covered include:

  • Food and diet
  • Attitudes to residential care, sickness, hospitals and pain
  • Religion
  • Role of family in caring for the elderly
  • History of migration
  • Traditions and special days
  • Death and burial rites
  • Language, including phrases relevant to care.

The Cultural Care Kit provides information on each community in a loose-leaf format which can easily be inserted into care plans.

Communities covered include Arabic, Aboriginal, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Greek, German, Indian, Jewish, Russian, Serbian, Vietnamese and many more.

There is also a section on the Anglo-Australian culture for staff that come from a CALD background.

The information will assist any service provider to deal with their CALD clients, and seeking to meet accreditation standards. The Cultural Care Kit is also applicable to a range of community and health care settings.

The Cultural Care Kit is available at the online shop for $44.

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